New Homes F.A.Qs

Building a new custom home is no small undertaking, and before taking the plunge, you will undoubtedly have many questions about the process. Well, you're not alone. During our years in the home construction business, we've been asked every question under the sun. So, we thought we'd answer some of the most common questions here. Hopefully you will find the answer to the questions you may have. If not, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can help.

How long will it take to build by home?

While do our best to provide a reasonable time frame for a construction job, there are a number of variables that impact the construction schedule. The size of the home, the material and fixture selections in the home will impact the schedule. Are any imported or exotic materials to be used? The terrain of the lot, and adverse weather will all effect the time required for construction. Of course there's always the weather. Adverse weather conditions can delay construction work.

We do our utmost to minimize these and other factors and by personally supervising the construction of your new home, we will strive to complete it in a timely manner and insure a quality job for you and your family.

When do I need to make all of my selections?

It's best if all selections are made by the time the slab is poured. In the event that materials or fixtures are back ordered or have to be imported, these will require additional time. To delay these selections for too long could impact the construction schedule.

Rest assure, that we work only with established, professional suppliers that are most helpful in every area.

Do I need my own floor plan?

No, you don't! We work with several home designers that will sit down with you and design the house that best fits your lifestyle.

Can you find a home site for me?

Yes, we can. We are always on the lookout for the finest home sites in the Austin area. Because we are a local company, founded by home town principals, we know the Austin area real estate market.

Our knowledge translates into the ability to find the choicest home sites to fit your needs and desires.

What will be the cost per square foot?

Basic square footage prices can be estimated, but there also many variables that can effect the price of the home.

Imported or exotic materials will have a major impact. Intricate or labor-intensive finish work will make a difference in the final cost, as well.

Regardless of the materials you select, we strive to build your home to fit your lifestyle within your budget so that you can "Dwell in the possibilities."

Remodeling F.A.Qs

Remodeling your home has not always been a job for the faint of heart. And for good reason; remodeling often means a disruption in your daily life. One that can seem to last far longer than it really does. Remodeling means strangers tramping through your house and, often, the feeling that privacy is a thing of the past.

At LeveLand Homes, we understand that we are a guest in your home. We try at all times to be a considerate one. We're sure you have questions regarding the remodeling process. Here a few that we are frequently asked. If you have a specific question that is not addressed here, please contact us and let us know how we may be of service.

How long will the project take?

Normally, we can provide a reasonable estimate for the time required for a project.
However, there some factors that impact the length of a job that are beyond our control; weather, inspections or possible delays in material or fixture shipments.
Rest assured that we do everything within our power to bring projects to completion as soon as possible.

Can you bid the project with several options?

Yes, we can.
Even after construction has started, options can be addressed and added to the job. Our clients appreciate the flexibility that LeveLand brings to its remodeling projects.
It's our goal to deliver your dream!

Will the completed project blend with my existing home?

We always strive to preserve the character and integrity of a home under renovation.
We pride ourselves in our proven track record of preservation, and eliminating the "add-on" look so common with other re-modelers.

Can we live in the house while renovation is underway?

While we always strive to impact the day to day lives of our remodel clients, the "livability" of their home during a renovation or remodeling job will depend on the nature of the work and the materials used.
Obviously, if there are potentially harmful fumes or materials present for some period of time during the job, exposure to these is not in anyone's best interest.
Beyond these environmental factors, we try to limit the impact of our work.

Is it better to do the project in phases or all at once?

In order to make all the work fit together in as seamless a manner as possible, and to make the entire process as efficient as we can, it is better to approach a project in its entirety.
The costs for sub-contractors is also reduced by scheduling their time more effectively. This is best done by having all work done by a given sub-contractor performed at one time.