• We are very pleased about our experience with Leveland Homes. They not only built an incredible custom home for us down to every detail, but completed the project within 12 months and consulted with us throughout to make sure we stayed within budget. These are just not outcomes that we heard from our friends prior the build process! We are thankful for John, Terry and all of their subcontractors that they have been doing business with for decades, and highly recommend Leveland Homes

    Randy Murphy

  • While we'd like you to take us at our word when we say that we will provide the best in terms of service and quality, we realize that you probably need more. So, please take a moment and see what a few of our satisfied customers have to say about LeveLand Homes. We believe you'll discover a few common threads among them; dedication to quality, customer satisfaction and professionalism.

    It's our hope that you'll discover the LeveLand Homes difference for yourself.

  • When we decided that we would retire to the Austin area, Margie and I interviewed quite a few builders. We decided to go with Terry because they genuinely seemed to care more about our satisfaction than just building a house and we were impressed with the examples they showed of their work. They worked with us to find an architect that we felt comfortable with and worked closely with the architect to ensure that we got the features we wanted at a price that we felt comfortable with.

    Because of the housing market, it took us longer to sell our house in N. Texas than we expected. It was almost 3 years from the time we selected Leveland as our builder until we were able to actually start construction. Throughout this period, there was no pressure from Terry to start construction.

    This was our second custom house so we knew there would be some bumps in the road during the construction. Whenever we hit one of those bumps, they immediately went to work to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. We also threw them a few curves as my wife decided to go with some antique doors and archway well after construction had started. As a result they had to change some of the framing to accommodate that - and never once complained and in fact made some very good suggestions on how to accommodate the antiques. I also was impressed as to how they kept us appraised of the construction costs so we knew in advance if we were increasing the final price and could make a conscious decision to do that if we desired. They also offered many suggestions throughout the process of ways to reduce the cost without affecting the final result.

    My wife and I are absolutely thrilled at the final product. It is just what we envisioned when we started this process. We don't think of Terry as our builders but rather as the first friends we made in the Austin area. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Leveland to anyone who is considering building a home or remodeling.


    Don and Margie Larsen

  • After giving serious consideration to several builders, we selected Leveland Homes to build our new home in February, 2011. From the initial planning to the final touches, We were most pleased with the communication, the quality of the work, the pace of the project and the professionalism of Leveland and their sub-contractors all were top-notch!

    Our primary contact for the project, Terry Clodfelter, was onsite daily and We spoke on a very regular basis. Terry was always accessible, responsive to our questions and concerns, quick to gather additional information and bids for us, made many helpful suggestions, and presented options to us without bias. We were regularly informed as to the upcoming work schedule and reminded of upcoming selection requirements on our part to keep the project moving.

    In summary, we had a great experience with Leveland and the result is a beautiful home specifically customized to our desires. We would unequivocally recommend Leveland if you are looking for a custom builder who delivers a very high-quality product on time


    John and Denise McGlothlin

  • Having worked with me over the past couple of months, you both know how much I travel in my business. However, since the completion of our major remodeling project, I just had to take a moment out of my busy schedule to thank you for the outstanding job Leveland Homes did for us.

    I must honestly tell you that when my wife first approached me about remodeling our Northwest Hills home, I was very reluctant. We have undertaken home repair / remodeling projects in the past and they have always turned out to be nightmares – the mess, the missed deadlines, the inconvenience – I could go on and on and on.

    When I eventually gave in, I set my expectations for much of the same. However, the remodeling job with Leveland Homes was beyond anything I could ever have imagined. Not only did you complete each aspect of the job in the proposed time frame, but there was so little inconvenience during the project as a whole that it was hard to believe we were under construction. The bathroom addition went so smoothly and the remodeling in the living room and sunroom was done with so much care that there was relatively little inconvenience in our day–to–day activities. This is not at all what I had expected. I was truly amazed!

    Refreshingly, your work is not representative of all the remodelers / home builders and for that reason, we will be recommending LeveLand Homes to all our friends. Your company’s standards to quality and customer service are beyond that which I have ever experienced in this industry and I invite you to have any prospect you might have give us a call. I will give you the highest of recommendations.

    Successfully yours,

    Lewis R. Timberlake

  • When we purchased our home last year, Michelle had a vision of the house’s possibilities; however, her vision entailed a dramatic change to the exterior appearance.  We had never undertaken a remodel of this magnitude, but we did understand that it was critical to find someone who could share our vision, and someone whom we could trust.  We found the right company in Leveland Homes.

    During the course of remodeling you were personally engaged in the process.  You were always accessible, always responsive and always professional.  Perhaps most important, you were excellent listeners and communicators.  No endeavor of any significance is completed without issues; indeed, the response to mistakes generally defines the quality of a company or an individual.  In those rare instances where a mistake was made, or there was a misunderstanding about a specification, you listened to our perspective, and you made sure that issue was resolved appropriately.  We were also very appreciative of your flexibility as we changed or clarified some of the original requirements.

    Ultimately, your attentiveness to details and consistent communication insured the success of our project.  Our house is as beautiful as we envisioned.  I cannot tell you how many of our new neighbors have complimented us on the transformation of our home.  Our favorite comment was a recent one, “The neighborhood applauds you”.  We, in turn, applaud you for taking our vision, and making it reality.

    Robert and Michelle Douglass

  • We really enjoyed working with you both on our new home in Lakeway. The quality of materials and construction is impressive. We have received many compliments from friends, family,neighbors and even our own independent building inspector. We have since seen several other new homes in higher price ranges that have been built with lower quality materials and less impressive workmanship.We really appreciated the extra efforts that you have both made to insure that we are not only satisfied, but delighted with our new home.If you ever need a reference for future potential homeowners, please don't hesitate to have them contact us.

    Kathleen Cook & Klaus Ruhmer